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Good morning. This time I will discuss about how to blog looks profesional.Tentu buddy never saw a blog - a blog that has a professional, in terms of the look, content, and others. if my friend also wanted to like it?. And now I am going to discuss it. let's see:

1. Determine Templates
Develop a template is an organ of the blog, if desultory template, then it will go ragged. Choose a template that matches the content or theme to make it look more attractive BLOG to be tracked.

2. Selection of Colors
In terms of designing a site, basic color selection is important, choose a base color that is commonly used but still look more professional. Although not shiny, but everything is neatly arranged and not rock the boat visitors.

3. Reducing Tit Blog
By adding various widgets that are not so useful as a calendar, clock, live traffic and others, all of it will only make your site look to be less palatable to dipandang.Selain this, excessive ornaments will make a slow loading site (Lemot ) which will lead to inconvenience visitors. By because it is, reduce the use of jewelry is not very useful to avoid the discomfort and minimize loading blog visitors.

4. Installing Excessive Ads
Having a lot of PPC advertising is fairly favorable for the blog owner, but not to the content of your page is only partially ad. Put up ads in strategic places but did not interfere with the comfort of visitors.

5. Blog Content
Professional blog will definitely present professional content often, professionals in this sense is USEFUL. By writing useful content will have a positive impact for you and your visitors as an inspiration, entertaining and many other benefits. If you provide quality content, the visitor will not think long to visit your blog again.

6. Tata Read Article
Keep in posting an article, do not let the wrong words in writing or wrong in a sense. Due to all of that would be fatal to your blog kedepannya.Untuk fate beyond all that can be done by first reading at least 1 time before your article was published.

7. Consistency Time Post
Very professional blogger posting disciplined in terms of consistency. They really care about the readers and do not want to disappoint him because one of the credibility measure is konsistensi.Jika you want to become a professional blogger, then look at your discipline, especially in terms of posting time.

8. Installing Sources Of Articles
Professional blog would gladly appreciate the hard work of the author, by including a link the source of the articles, your blog will look more professional and mutually beneficial during the blogger.

9. Serving Visitors With Both
Serve visitors well will give you plus points on your blog. For example, to comment, you have to answer the questions that complained of by the visitors through comment form (comments box), although not all terjawab.Ini is your responsibility that will provide an assessment of different and memorable to your blog visitors.

10. Giving Identity Blog Or Site
With identity and gave the owner of the blog, it would make more penjung believe the sites they visit. Explain and describe clearly about the ins and outs of the establishment so tersebut.Dengan site, blog or your site will look more professional.

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