Differences nofollow and dofollow blog

It is easy in the English language with no NoFollow and DoFollow Friendly meaning is allowed to participate, but what does that mean those two words on your blog?
Dofollow easy is the ability of a site to provide a positive impact of every backlink (links that refer to other sites) contained in the article, while NoFollow is the opposite, namely the ability of a site to no impact on anything for a backlink contained in article or the link to it.
Understanding the core NoFollow and DoFollow
Dofollow is the term for a website or blog that if we give a comment to the blog then it means we put a link to the blog and be counted as a backlink by google.
Nofollow is a term for a website or blog that if we give a comment to the blog so that we do not put a link to the blog and is not counted as a backlink by google. Still others can be visited through a link that we put through the comments.
Why blogs can be dofollow or nofollow?Basically every blog is nofollow, and may be dofollow if that had wanted the change.
Why is there a change - the status?Since both types of blogs have their advantages and disadvantages. Consider next what advantages and disadvantages of each - each criterion.
What are the advantages and disadvantages of both of these blogs?
Excess nofollow
- Safe from nuisance spammers seeking backlinks carelessly.- More interested in seo google, because google engine prefers this type.- Comments on the blog are purely for the benefit of our blog.- That we can Pagerank pure and stable. No up or down quickly. But up berlahan but surely.- More challenging to find a creative post, because comments are entered depending on the quality of our posts.- More flexible do blogwalking to establish friendships and exchange links.
Lack nofollow
- Nothing to comment or little, but I'm sure there must have been useful if it were willing to comment.-The blog owner is considered apathetic, it is also less precise. Since the blog owner will usually be more than happy to exchange links and I'm sure he's really like.- More vulnerable left readers to a new blog
Excess dofollow
- Blog readers is preferred because it provides the benefits of free backlinks.- Blog a lot of feedback comments constructive criticisms and suggestions- The owner of the blog is considered the person have a social life- Increase page view blog- Relationships are also getting stronger friendship. And we frequented ^ _ ^
Lack dofollow
- Many spammers who make comments such as PTC scam or scam businesses who visit. But it does not matter if we remove it.- Sometimes it is because too many links, blogs even banned google. And consequently it down diseo
Which is best?
Yes that's the choice of both. Each - each no wrong and have the benefits and advantages of each. Depending on taste,
How mengetahi blog dofollow or nofollow?
-Usually the owner of the blog will be put up with the contents of this blog dofollow-Or can install mozilla addon, can be found by typing digoogle "I know dofolow blog or nofolow.

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