Wildfire The 'Jember Hackers' will be fostered Police

Jakarta - Still remember 'Jember Hacker' Wildfire Yani Ashari? 22-year-old youth action from Jember tease presidenSBY.info fruitful site detention by the police. Graduates of vocational building is also being investigated for acts usilnya it. Since the end of January, he is languishing in police custody.

"We are currently finalizing the case," said Director of National Police Brig Eksus Arief Sulistyanto while talking, Tuesday (05/03/2013).

Wildfire Case is still rolling. But the police also conduct humanitarian approach. Wildfire were secured from a cafe in Jember on Friday (25/1) has been also treated well in detention Criminal Investigation.

Even the police are also planning to conduct training on the Wildfire. The plan was still simmering. Wildfire reportedly be sent to school.

"It is possible it is to be done in order to develop positive activities so that hackers and cyber space security support in Indonesia," said Arief.

Source : http://inet.detik.com/read/2013/03/05/161425/2186398/323/wildan-si-jember-hacker-akan-dibina-polri

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