Profiles of the well-known Indonesian hacker

Here are the hackers Profile Indonesia are well known in the Maya world either inside or in the country:

  • Dani Firmansyah A.K.A Xnuxer

nuxer, nickname Dani Firmansyah in the underworld, Cyber ​​Crime Unit arrested Special Investigation Directorate of the Jakarta Police Department on 24 April 2004 at around 17:20 in Jakarta.

Friday, April 16, Xnuxer trying to test security systems through XSS (cross site scripting) from IP, but screen out the message with a level of risk low (KPU website has not been transparent or damaged).
Saturday, April 17, 2004 at 03.12,42, Xnuxer try again penetrated server with SQL Injection and how to successfully penetrate IP, and managed to up date list at the party until 11.34,27 11.23,16. Xnuxer techniques used in the hack through spoofing techniques (misdirection). Xnuxer attacks from IP, then open the IP Proxy Anonymous Thailand before MSUK to IP, and successfully opened the display name of the 24 political parties Xnuxer pemilu.Beruntung hack websites KPU just to test the security system security server, without any political content. Plus, the nature Xnuxer very cooperatif, finally Xnuxer only in jail a few months.

  • Onno W. Kang Onno Purbo A.K.A

Onno Widodo Purbo (born in London August 17, 1962, age 45 years) is a character (who became known as an expert in the field) information technology from Indonesia. He started his academic education at ITB majoring in Electrical Engineering in 1981. Six years later he graduated with honors best graduates, and then went on to study in Canada on a scholarship from the PAU-ME.

RT / RW-Net is one of the many ideas put forward. He also actively writes in the field of information technology media, seminars, national and international conferences. Believe philosophy of copyleft, a lot of his writings published for free on the internet.

2.4 GHz band of freedom fighters, VOIP-People, and Antenna Wifi from a can.

  • I Made Wiryana A.K.A Pak Made

Cyber ​​Paspampres ya, said President SBY websites and servers that hold him for maintenance and safety ... (DDos ampe been battered, but within itungan second back-up server-ga tau dah back-up-straight up what number).

He was also a pioneer in the development of Indonesia as a pack linux Rusmanto (Editor Info Linux) and is certain she Lecturer at the University Gunadarma, graduated in two educational institutions namely S1-Physics of the University of Indonesia in 1991 and S1-Management Information STIMIK Gunadarma 1992 and continuing Masters in eidith Cowan University Australia and since 2004 until now is completing doctoral programs in RVS Bielfield Germany. And now domiciled in Germany. Permanent employment status is a university lecturer Gunadarma.

And these hackers are taken from Tempo article:

  • Iwan Dharmawan (chikebum)

Stopped school in the eighth grade. At least that is the recognition of the young man from Jakarta. However, the "achievements" one frontman Antihackerlink group is pretty amazing. He had to break into various servers to the domain. Au,. Id,. Kr,. Tw,. Edu, and. Com. In addition to the Sun Department Store, National Electricity Company once torbannya. Before acting, he sent a warning to his site manager viewfinder
weaknesses in order to patch the holes before burglarized. "If this warning is ignored, so be it, I'm breaking itself for lessons," wrote chikebum, which features a big smile emoticon aka J, in an interview via e-mail with TEMPO.

Iwan familiar with computers at the age of 15 years after dropping out of school. Fondness first is designing the site using Java Script or DHTML (dynamic hypertext mark-up language)? Types of programming languages. Breaking-breaking international affairs he had met through the internet. Initially, Iwan admitted curious about the workings of electronic mail. After Iwan "shopping" in the various channels, which suggests that eventually there he studied computer networks that use the Unix and Linux operating systems, which is very intriguing curiosity. And he began
tamper security system other people's sites.
Teens who often hang out in the cafe Streets in Kuningan, South Jakarta, is
claims often feel resentful towards the origin breaker shoot. Iwan pointed out, there are hackers who enjoy tinkering with the front page of the site (deface) but can not return to normal.

  • Wenas Agusetiawan (HC-or hantucrew)

A year ago, Singapore digegerkan youth action from Malang. Wenas? Moment
16 years old? arrested officers managed to sniff out his trail after he broke into the site Data Storage Institute, Singapore. During the trial, several friends joined in the Wenas Antihackerlink break the three sites with the domain. Sg or Singapore as a sign of protest. Wenas himself, as a teenager, eventually not subject to corporal punishment, but she must pay a fine of Rp 75 million. "That's the worst memories I have forgotten," Wenas wrote in an e-mail to TEMPO.

Disaster in Singapore that makes it truly "repent". In fact, the youngest of the two brothers was considered very naughty in acts of burglary. Various
sites, both within and outside the country, he lightly broken. Wenas has a unique habit in action: break every time a local site, it always calls for the dissolution of the leadership Hackerlink Edy Liu? Either a hacker who made the Wenas upset. The reason, Hackerlink considered commercial activity, which is selling Linux on their site.

Wenas a hobby is learning to play chess computers since the age of 12 years. Basic talented, burglary moves can he mastered in two years. Prior to founding Antihackerlink, Wenas been a member of Electronic Hackerlink and cockroaches. Currently, Wenas has left Antihackerlink. "At that time I was young and mischievous,
usually only damage the tissue, he-he-he?, "Wenas said.
Now, the young man who was preparing to study in Vancouver, Canada, was admitted active in the organization's research institute belonging to white hat, an organization that works to advance the knowledge of network security. "Pray for me to be able to help Indonesia was chaotic," teen wrote in an email to TEMPO.

  • Rummy Taulu (cyberbug or cbug)

If there is a breaker that can be classified as an activist, Taulu Rummy is one of them. Electronic senior Roaches? Group breaker sites? Burglary is often a political action with his colleagues during the Suharto regime was still in power. Site National Police Headquarters, Supreme Audit Board, and Golkar their mess. In view sites that have been destroyed, they listed a number of demands, including the price reduction, the release of political prisoners, and the replacement of the president. Event co roaches dim after Soeharto stepped down. Where
Rummy studying break?

36-year-old man learned
a self-taught computer. In 1988, he began teaching at an institute of computer applications course in Manado. Wanting to learn more about the Linux operating system, he joined a group of cockroaches. Currently, the main job is to be an employee Rummy Nikita Internet Cafes in Manado. Was fond of breaking, Rummy is now actively do the opposite: to ward off invasion burglary. As a result, the father
one child who idolized Linus Torvalds? inventor of Linux?'s now often hired or foreign firms in order to secure their computer networks. Rummy, who now teaches at the De La Salle University Manado, was also active as a consultant. He became a caregiver consultations about the security of online media server in seconds .. com.

  • Prasodjo of

hole first, then offer services. Byword is what should be used Prasodjo and 70 colleagues joined in The group is headquartered in websites breaker Bandung. Members of this group had a median of seven specialties (networking, programming, design, systems analysis, games, software / hardware, and the implementation of the system). One of their activities is to go into other people's sites to find weaknesses. After that, they offer services to secure the site. In this way, dozens of companies have become their clients. "But we have never damaged a website first to get clients," said Prasodjo, 30. This man has also taught at one computer education institute in London.

Prasodjo likes to sneak across the virtual network since I was studying at London School of Economics. Successfully break into the first site, Prasodjo from addiction. To TEMPO, he claimed never to destroy or steal any data from the site could dijebolnya. Until now, Prasodjo claimed to have successfully penetrated dozens of sites.

  • S'to and Ruth of

Young, smart, and ambitious. That picture S'to and Ruth? Call it so? Two people aged 28 years. Both manage that offer network security services. The way they work is similar Prasodjo of http:///,
who love to surf other people's sites to find holes weakness. The result? Both alumni of Department of Information Bina Nusantara, Jakarta, managed to reap the number of clients.

Business activities of the two young men infuriated the breaker that has no business motive. As a result, the sites they've invaded by the Antihackerlink.
S'to and Ruth was evasive about their past: they initiate the action of mere ignorance. Once bored, S'to and Ruth said he wanted to do something more positive. The two young men then set Jasakom group of five of their colleagues.
In order to attract customers, they often bring out the weakness a site that they "visit". The goal is aware of the site owner. However, no
rare site owners protest their dismay against hackers who want to reap the science fun for free.

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