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What is SEO? That little question that came to my mind when I first blogging. Perhaps for the friend - a friend who is just learning blogging too, must have or even heard the term SEO. Indeed .. SEO said this, I think it will never run discussed. Do you know what? because of SEO, it is synonymous with the world once Blogging and Internet Business. Well if I think should really, SEO is the foundation of the two things I mentioned just now.

Through this article, I will try to acquaint you with SEO. Although I go to a SEO expert, but could not hurt if we learn seo along with the address and know what is SEO ...

1. Understanding SEO

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. Broadly speaking, SEO can be defined as a process of improving the ranking of a website / blog in search engines (Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc.) by using a keyword (keyword). I'm sure you've all been looking for something on the internet is by using a search engine ( common example). When you are typing a word (keyword) in google, you will see thousands and even millions of pages of search results that relate to what you are looking for starting from page 1 to the beyond. If this is related to SEO then, sites / blogs that appear in the first position of the first page has a good SEO value. So the core of SEO is How to put your website / blog on the first page (or even position-1) from google search results in accordance with the words - words (keywords) in the search.

2. SEO benefits

Speaking about the benefits of SEO, it is certainly very useful, especially for sites / blogs that are commercial (for business use). Why is that? because the better the SEO of a website / blog, the more traffic / visits to the website / blog. And the more traffic on your web / blog, then bisnispun going more smoothly.


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