Backlink and their role in blog

Backlink Is Important For The boiling Blog / Website We are!! Why / Why? Because Backlink is a reciprocal relationship between the blog / website that is, the relationship a name Address blog / website [A] contained in the blog / website [B], as well as going on the contrary, the presence of these backlinks then your blog / website we will, so more popular in the eyes Search Engine, PageRank increases, and the The most important is to Bring lots of visitors. and following a brief explanation of what was Backlinks And Also Benefits.

► Now How To Get Backlinks?
This is the most important point, namely how to get backlinks, There are many ways for us to get backlinks, some are free and also paid.

► How to get free backlinks.
1. Each of us write articles, do not forget to add the name of our blog site / website in the article.
2. Active in various online discussion forums and include a signature, which addresses write blog / website
3. Exchanging links with each other.

So the question now is whether the blog / website to be famous and get a high pagerank if we do as the above methods? the answer, of course not. Why is that, because there are separate rules for it.

► If you want to increase Pagerank:
Exchanging links with similar themes, such as your website themed computer, so it was swapped with a similar theme.
Putting our site on sites that have a higher pagerank

► If you are looking for in the Search ngine famous and often get a top position in the search.
Do a link exchange as much as possible, both among sites similar or not similar themes with our site.

But of the many ways to get backlinks as above, the best way is the natural way, ie as described in # 1, Each of us write articles, do not forget we add our site name in the article. This method is very effective way to get backlinks from different sites. for it is frequently write quality articles and do not forget to include your blog address / website there.

Nah mate all utulah few brief explanation of what was Backlinks And Also The benefit that I can convey on this occasion, if there are more or less please correct. end of the word "SUCCESS TO YOU ALWAYS"

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