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PTC is included which can result in exceeding dollar purse-PTC PTC is generally during the day, although we do not have a referral could still be about $ 0.1 a day. so the field dollar Ayuwage PTC is arguably quite special, I had just joined this site and can directly be $ 0.1 to click some ads only.

Ayuwage PTC system more similar to logiPTC or Trekpay, but the income that can be generated in Ayuwage greater than or Trekpay logiPTC. how to get credits in Ayuwage too easy, every 200 credits cost $ 0.1 earning just click the start menu, then select it and press the "view sites", "regular sites", "search sites", "signup sites", "survey sites".

in "view sites", "regular sites", there are many ads that can be clicked. there is a 10 second timer, 15 seconds and 20 seconds. advertising is very much appreciated and per click advertising ($ 0001, $ 0005, $ 0015).

could be $ 0.1 a day or more (depending on activity), so that it can quickly Payout. If you are online for hours for browsing or Facebook, you can try to install the toolbar Ayuwage, so they can know through notifications of new ads that appear. quite make plus-plus credits. if you do not install toolbar nor anything, please check out the ads that appear in the morning, noon, and night. Minimum Payout just $ 5 only, are processed through Paypal or Alertpay.

why you should join in Ayuwage?
1. has proven to pay and existed since February 2010 (review ptc-investigation.com)
2. day could be $ 0.1 more (without referrals) if you have a lot of referrals and they are active, the potential income is greater than that.
3. the number of referrals is not limited to the potential income from referrals so wide open.
4. minimum cashout (PO) only $ 5 only.
5. payments are processed through Paypal, or Alertpay, or Liberty reserve
6. 1 level unlimited direct referrals, so we can find referrals as much, with a bonus of 10% direct referral earnings.

How to register
Ayuwage to join in, please click HERE.
enter your data, then check your email for menverivikasi (activate your account) through the link included in the email. mumpung PTC is still HOT, let's please join this site by clicking HERE or click the banner below:

AyuWage Services - Get Paid to Visits Sites and Complete Surveys

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