Avoid Punishment "SEO" from Google

Avoid Punishment "SEO" from Google

Techniques to make the increasingly popular blog is a way to "SEO" the blogs that you manage. Indeed there are many ways in SEO itself. SEO alone is used to improve the ranking of a website in search engines. Some SEO tactics was allowed but there is also prohibited. Especially by Google. And if we do illegal SEO techniques then automatically manage the website that we will be "kicked out" by the Google.

In the previous post I've explained what it is Black Hat SEO. Which of these Black Hat techniques are banned by Google. However, despite clearly forbidden, some SEO experts continue to use the technique of 'black' is like, hiding keywords. Usually with this keyword hide the website visitors can not see it. But the effects of this is to hide keywords can crash the machine search like bing, yahoo and even Google.

Okay, maybe some of the tips below can make you avoid SEO penalties by search engines.

1. Filling Keyword / Keyword Too Much
Fill out the keywords for your blog or posts on the blog is good, but if you get too much input keywordi then it could make your blog banned. Usually the post-post long it's hard to get readers, but if the old school stuff has a top content, the right keywords is not likely to generate the lntas visitors through search engines.

2. Copyright and Content Using Copyrighted Images On Site You
Some bloggers new beginners dive into the world of blogging is usually just copy the articles or images belong to someone else. They may be confused to write anything or post is lazy writing. Actually copy the article no matter for blog owners who copied permit. However, if too many posts Copas Why other people can make a blog on the block. Seek to make posts from yourself or be the theme of another blog, but with different words. So why would copying someone else's article that can make your blog be banned as long as you can make yourself but useful post?

3. Web environment Poor
You may be wondering, what is bad web environment? okay, can be said of poor web environment is tertaruh blog link on your blog / website that spread the adult content and promote anything illegal. Indeed, almost all web managers using the technique of external links that are already proven to improve its SEO value. But they remain cautious not to violate the rules.

4. Alternate HTML content Without Flash
Okay web that contains the flash look cool and interesting. But do you know that the search engine only has a limited ability to read flash content. Therefore make alternative HTML version of flash so that search engines can read it thoroughly. One way is to create a mobile version of the blog.

5. SEO Optimization Overload
Today, some blogs / sites that are over in terms of its SEO optimization. Examples like this, you use the H1 tag in your SEO, but in the H1 tag was too much of the same keywords on the same page. By doing this there is a possibility your site penalized by search engines.
Hope this information will help you in your search.

Posted by Rian Priyadi On Desember 20, 2012 2 Comments
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