An easy way to Increase Blog Visitors


It has a lively blog visitors, is one of the things that would like to have the Bloggers. Because, with the crowded visitors, traffic and the popularity of blogs it will be improved and sought after people - people as a place of learning / reading. In addition, a lively blog visitors, earning money increases.

As for how - how powerful that is used to increase visitors to the blog are as follows:

1. Promote your blog to social networking sites
Promoting blogs to social networking sites is one way to increase visitors to the blog. Because, right now. Social networking sites are often used by young people busy. Social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Google, etc.. As a way to promote it is to provide a link and the title of your blog post. Alternatively, make your blog connect to social networking sites. See here for blog posts linking to social networking sites Faebook.

2. Blogwalking
Blogwalking intention is to visit each blog - blogs. In the blog, there is usually a Guest Book, nah that's where my friend can promote your blog. That is to say hello to other blogwalker and include the address of your blog link. Or, my friend also commented on one of the blog posts belong to the person. But, man do not directly commented to include your blog address. Why is that? because of comments that do not lead to post / promotion will be considered spam comments. In order not to be considered spam comment, Berkomentarlah leading to post and use the profile Name / Url

3. Qualified and periodical articles
what does that mean? mate origin Update article does not make the article. As the paste (copy and paste) / stealing people's articles. To be visited by blog visitors, make articles original, high quality and attractive price / are often sought among the people on a regular basis. If my friend interesting article / frequently searched, your blog was visited by people.

4. Submit an article to Social Bookmarking Sites
submit articles to social bookmarking sites can also create a blog you visited. Every time someone searching a topic that suits the pal submit articles to the social bookmarking site, buddy will get free traffic from the social bookmarking websites. Here, I share some social bookmarking site:,, <br> etc..

5. Exchanging links
exchange links with other bloggers also can increase your blog visitors. Visit the other bloggers who provide facilities to exchange links. Or friend can also create static pages that shows how to exchange links and lists - list link companions

6. Advertise
promote your blog with advertisements also can increase your blog visitors. It's just how it requires spending money $. Advertising can be done on site advertising provider, such as this blog provides advertising. If my friend are interested to advertise on this blog please go to page Ad

Those are some powerful ways that I can convey to increase visitors to the blog. In addition, there are many ways that we can use to enhance your blog visitors.

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