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Certainly Google robot could not even determine the authenticity of an article, which may of course only the author of the article itself. But with the presence of the facility to show your profile image in the search results of course this will be another story, besides looks that you are a true writer and was also a professional impression for you. Let's say you find an interesting article on Google, you would see the first 10 search results, and we can be sure everything has a title that is almost similar and even identical, then what if among the top 10 search results displayed a handsome face from you, the seeker will glance you first even though your own blog articles will be in the order of 6, it's because Google often contains a full page with text and thus people may be interested more in the direction of the results that have some visual elements (author photo) attached to it.
How to display images result Google Profile page of results:

Step I

1. First, please create one page "About me" on your blog, for blogger user you can make it through static pages can also use the Page or Post Standard page.

2. Create a Text Link that leads to your Google+ Profile URL page and do not forget to embed the tag rel = "me" (remember only one tag only) in the link.

<a href="" rel="me"> Twesco Magazine </ a>

3. This is very important, make sure all your blog articles related kehalaman "About me". It is very easy, you just attach the link "About me" on the menu, I myself put the widget on my About page (see the bottom of this blog is marked with a text link Read more), and make sure you attach the tag rel = "author" the link.

<a href="http://www.your blog" rel="author"> About me </ a>

4. The last step please go to your Google+ profile page here and go to the "Edit Profile" when editing please go to "Other Profile", you are usually prompted to enter the address of your blog, well here you just enter the link "About me" only its URL.

Until this step is already done and let google crawl your page first. There should also note that there is no guarantee your image will appear, it all depends on the analysis itself after google crawl your pages.

Step II:
The second way is much more convenient where you just add a profile badge icon only, do please direct using the address it Profile Button Creator
Make sure that the latter is not true if you are using the first method, if there will be no duplicate Profile Author.

Verification Author

To be able to perform your profile picture and goes perfectly should you need to verify with mengujicobanya first.
1. Please open Tool Rich Snippets Testing
2. Put a link articles (posts) you up to date.
3. If there are no problems then profile picture will appear along with your name and marked with the verification value correctly.

Tips if there is an error
1. Make sure you only use the second tag rel = "me" and rel = "author" on the one time not to get duplicates.
2. Make sure you actually insert your image in Profile Google+, should include the complete contents of your profile.
3. Make sure your Google+ profile page actually associated with your blog page, including page About me earlier.
4. Google will select a thumbnail image from your Google+ profile page, you should use a real picture of yourself (not icons). Images must look good even when compressed into a 50x50 thumbnail image.

Hopefully the above tutorial useful :)

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