How to Make Liberty Reserve Account

For those of you who intent with the world of online business must have a virtual account finance such as PayPal, Liberty Reserve, Payza, or EgoPay. On this occasion I will tell briefly, how do I create an account Liberty Reserve (LR). Previously, I reiterate that to our LR account is not required to verify through a local bank account and credit card or Virtual Credit Card (VCC). Making it easier for us to quickly mempergunakakannya in transacting online. Let's start making Liberty Reserve account, please click the banner below to enter the website

1. After logging into the website of Liberty Reserve (LR), then click "Create Account"
2. Complete the registration form and click on the "Agree"
3. The column "Personal Welcome Message" You fill it with any kind of sentence, but try the sentence contains a special feature that you like and only you alone knew.
4. Once the process is complete, the LR will send password, login PIN and the master key to your email;
5. Next, open your email and try to login with the information you can from the LR.
6. Do not forget to change the password, PIN and masterkey.

You need to know, PayPal can be connected with a local bank account, for example: BCA, Mandiri or BNI, so you can add and withdraw your PayPal balance through bank. While Liberty Reserve can not be linked to a bank account, but the dollar is in LR can be bought and sold through some e-currency trading online and also on some of the money changer. With Liberty Reserve, you can also deal with JSS / JBP without having to verify identity through the data bank you have.

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