The FBI arrested, Hacker Group LulzSec Betrayed The Boss

USA - The FBI managed to catch hackers. But this time instead of one or two people, but almost all members of the hacker group LulzSec.

group LulzSec started sticking from his success breaking into several major institutions in the United States, call it Stratfor. Actions carried out in December 2011 paved is so horrendous because managed to steal millions of email users.

Furthermore, LulzSec also one important part of the group Anonymous. No wonder then that the group has become one of the main target of the FBI in an effort to combat cyber crime.

Ironically, the destruction caused by the fact LulzSec group leaders named Hector Xavier Monsegur or commonly known as Sabu. Later known, the citizens of New York has already become a spy FBI since June 2011.

"Quietly they've caught (Sabu-red.) but then actually work with," said a source who claimed to be close to Sabu, quoted by FoxNews, Wednesday (03/07/2012).

Sabu action is beyond belief his followers. Though unemployed man has always been the most vocal and often gave instructions about the plan to break into government websites. But who would have thought, it turns out all he did from the 'table work' in the FBI.
SABU- The Boss Of  LulzSec
So far, the FBI has captured five people who allegedly played an important role in any action LulzSec. They are Ryan 'Kayla' Ackroyd and Jake 'Topiary' Davis, who are both citizens of London. Then Darren 'pwnsauce' Martyn and Donncha 'palladium' O'Cearrbhail Irish citizens, as well as Jeremy 'Anarchaos' Hammond from Chicago, USA.

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