Reasons Behind the Betrayal Boss LulzSec

SABU- The Boss of LulzSec

TM-FBI successfully arrested a man who was instrumental in every movement LulzSec. Ironically, it is motivated by the actions of the hacker group leader betrayal.

Hector Xavier Monsegur, LulzSec boss in question. Though the man familiarly known as Sabu was often menakhodai some major attacks, such as targeting the CIA, FBI, Sony, Stratfor and other large institutions.

Quoted from FoxNews, Wednesday (03/07/2012), according to sources who claim to recognition is close to Sabu, he was forced to give up due to such great affection for her baby.

"It's because of his children. He was unable to leave them when threatened will go to jail," said a source who did not wish to be identified it.

Because the act of Sabu, the FBI had managed to round up at least 5 people who allegedly played an important role in any action LulzSec.

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