Optimize the display image on the post.

Surely you've waited for loading image / picture disebuah website, may be able to achieve the 2-5 minutes it would be very boring and you definitely want to quickly to close or even replacing it with another web page. All was normal because the tendency of Internet users today want something fast paced. Well on this occasion I would like to share a few tips on how to optimize an image to view a website.

One of the factors why to slow loading image because, the picture is not or less optimized. If you are a designer or photographer this problem will be very annoying, because the public wants to see the results of your work on the website was blocked due to slow an image to appear on your website. Do not let friends, relatives, relatives or prospective clients of our potential escape just because an image that is not properly optimized.

Before I give you how to optimize images it helps me explain briefly about the image files that you normally use to display on the website.

JPEG (Joint Photographic Expert Group)
This file format is the most common format and is usually often known by the designers and the developers website, even internetpun users are familiar with this file format. JPEG format has the ability to show the images with good quality but with a relatively small file size. Another advantage of this format is its flexibility. JPEG format can be displayed on any device to any computer the operating system. If we form images rich with color photo, then you should choose this format. JPEG supports up to 16 million colors, so we will not have a significant color distortion in our pictures.

PNG (Portable Network Graphic)
PNG is a format known as second nature after JPEG internet universe. Its main advantages are transparency like GIF format but with a smaller file size. There are two kinds of commonly used PNG format for web purposes, namely PNG PNG 8 bit and 24 bit. Both have advantages and disadvantages of each.

PNG 8 is used for pictures that have the characteristics of a solid color such as cartoons or logo. But, if our image is a photo and we need a transparent background so we could use the PNG 24.

GIF (Graphic Interchange Format)
GIF format is typically used for moving animated images with small dimensions and file size is relatively small as well. Although PNG could also be used for animated images with PNG sequenze her, but usually GIF animations frequently used for short and mild. Examples of its use as an emoticon in every community forums, blogs and websites. or we usually encounter in a moving image advertising. In basicnya animated GIF using the system frame by frame.

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jadi nangis kw baca post inggris :)

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bosen lw pke bahasa indo kan bnyak yg posting ini
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