Hacker in Action for Lust

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TM - According to Fabio Assolini, Kaspersky Lab Expert, there are about 4.5 million modems successfully exploited offender. The vulnerability could allow an attacker to use a simple script to steal the password which is then used to control the victim.

After that the attackers to reset the modem to use the specified server, with these actors can change the system domain to be manipulated in order to get to the site tricky.

"This is a picture of attacks that occurred in Brazil in 2011, using one weakness firmware, 2 malicious scripts, 40 fake DNS and managed an impact 6 modem manufacturers. Causing millions of Internet users in Brazil became victims of a mass attack," said Assolini.

Motivation attack of course, is money. Because malware is installed to a victim's computer automatically steal sensitive data such as banking information and passwords, the perpetrator was flooded with data that is very worth the price.

Iroisnya, Assolini megungkap that the money earned is spent on central actors famous prostitution in Rio de Janeiro. This was revealed by the recd4ognition that some hacker attack, as quoted from Sophos, Tuesday (02/10/2012).

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