Earn money from ClixSense

You will earn more if you can get a referral, amounting to 10% of people who sign up. and get 50% of the $ amount of people become a premium through your referral.

What is Clixsense?
Clixsense is an affiliate program that is very simple, very simple and very easy to run, and most importantly to register in clixsense you will not be charged seperserpun or FREE!
Clixsense can be used as additional income in your online business while you are browsing the Internet, wherever you are and whenever you can run this program. and of course a pretty good income for you.

How it Works?
Clixsense is one of the most new business that will pay you to click on the ads they display URL. For one ad only takes about 30 seconds. For premium members an ad valued around $ 0.01 to $ 5, for a free member of the ads around $ 0.001 to $ 0.01.

There are 2 types namely Standard and Premium members.
what is the difference? The difference is that, for a regular member or a standard (member register / sign up for free), ads that appear in only 2-5 ads per day only. But if Premium member ads will show 200-300 ad that you must click / visit, it's just that we have to pay $ 10 to become a Premium member. Payment via paypal and can also google check. (Read TOS for more details)

This program is suitable for those of you who love and browsing the internet, or have less time to earn money from the internet. The revenue generated from this program is not too much, but if we are diligent, including sources of income dollar online business. Revenues will be greater if you have a lot of referrals / networking.

The results of your work will be paid through a variety of ways, for the time being be by check, paypal and libertyreserve.

I need to re-do everything, amount of money you can depend activeness. The more often you log in and click, the more money you can. In addition, you can get additional money from any new members who sign up under you. The more referrals (referrals) you are, the more your income as well.

You may already be familiar with online businesses like Google Adsense, but not a few who failed to run because Google Adsense has very strict rules even Adsense is arguably the most high-risk business and not least the publisher of both Indonesia and abroad who suddenly got his Adsense account be disabled / banned by Google for various reasons which we have been accused of instant click or something and that surely this Clixsense program will never make you disappointed because there is absolutely no risk, even you even asked to click their ads !

And to be a member of clixsense you do not need to create a website / blog.

How was if you are going to waste this opportunity, or you are very keen to join click HERE or Clik This Image

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Senin, 01 Oktober 2012 22.15.00 WIB

boleh dicoba ni bang,,

o iya, cobain dulu situs yang satu ini... lets read => http://wira-7.blogspot.com/2012/09/uang-downloadn-dot-com.html?m=1

Terimakasih wira atas Komentarnya
Selasa, 02 Oktober 2012 12.21.00 WIB

silahkan,,, monggo mas
jangan lupa klaw dh dpat komisi ,,, bagi2x ya,, hehheheeheh,,, berkunjung trus yaaa

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