7 Tips To Increase Comments In Blog

Sometimes the comments are considered as a matter of course on our blog. However, there are times when there was a friend of our other bloggers think if the blog comments is everything. Yup, they could say bloggers are obsessed with getting a lot of comments in each blog post!

With a nice blog comments terms of quality and quantity, our blog will be more impressed crowded and respected in the eyes of visitors. Comments also showed a good interaction between the owner of the blog visitors.

Then, how the role of comments by his colleagues all?
Is it important? Or indifferent?

Apart from all that, there are some things that we can apply in order to get the number of comments that a lot of our blog. What the hell?

Here are 7 Tips To Increase the Number of Comments in our Blog, among others:

1. Create high quality articles.

As we make a quality article, this will in itself encourage readers follow commented responded article. Strive if the articles that we make is unique and interesting article. Unique because there is little or even publish only we publish new, and interesting because the article discusses a case of simple, complex, or factual so interesting to observe.

2. Invite readers to join commented.

When we write a blog post, it helps if the sidelines of the post we embed a persuasive sentence that invites the reader to participate can donate appreciation commented. Given this, the reader will better know if we as owners expect any further interaction with the readers. So, therefore could be interpreted by the reader as an opening or a reception where the reader is allowed to come to comment and they will be more relaxed and not awkward anymore in the comments.

3. Berkomantar on other blogs.

Commenting on other blogs to get the children is the most effective. However, this method can not be applied in a long-term hold. Why? Yes, if we will forever continue to spend the time to visit and comment on each blog are there? Of course not it? Well, for that is just the way we use in the short term, and more are on a visit of friendship alone.

4. Reply any given reader comments.

Do we respond with any comments coming from readers of our blog will increase the number of comments that go to our blog? Find the answer by reading the article 5 Reasons Answering Any Comments On Blog first.

5. Give a gift.

We can lure the reader to be more interested in commenting dengn an interesting way to give a gift to them. For example, we give a gift ebook is free to comment the most unique and interesting content we think. By awarding this prize to the reader who commented more encouraged to compete to provide the best comment that they can provide. Quite useful and mutually beneficial instead?

6. Simplify access to comment.

A critical factor in the success of getting the number of comments that a lot of the readers of our blog is to have easy to comment. The logic is the easier person to be able to comment, then the greater the chance for us to be able to get a comment from him. And vice versa. So, pay attention to the elements that could hamper the reader to comment, as did the comment box featuring a selection of well-profile commentators, word verification is required or not, the page now displays the comment box (when about to enter the verification word) cut or broken or not, etc. .

Especially for word verification, to put it though it provides little resistance to the reader to be able to comment, but his suggestion is that we as a blog owner should still show word verification for anyone who wishes to comment to prevent SPAM. In the settings menu anyone can comment, choose siapapu-including anonymous users. For more details, please read the discussion in the article features comments on the blogger.

7. Create a DoFollow Blog.

Blog DoFollow working principles will provide backlinks automatically to every link on each comment within each blog post. So, if we understand what it Blog DoFollow we would compete to fulfill these types blog with many comments that include a link to our blog. What is the benefit berkomantar in this DoFollow Blog? Yup, one of which is the quality of our blog page rank will increase because the blog will get a free backlink from this dofollow blog. For a discussion of the details, please read more articles on Blog DoFollow and NoFollow Blog.

Comments not the only one undergoing aktiftias our goals in blogging. Moreover, hone writing skills and contribute to providing the best work for the benefit of others is a satisfaction for a blogger like us.
Let us work well. Let us comment to appreciate other people's work. Ready?

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