Why Postings Missing From Search Engines

Actually how important anyway whether or not our posts indexed in the Search Engines (SE). For a blog that is new can be said of these factors greatly affect the spirit and mentality of enjoying the beauty of berblogging ria. Why is that, because of these factors play a role in determining the number of digits alexa which became a pride for most bloggers. However, what happens if you want to present an idea, an idea or piece of information that deserves to be enjoyed for the information seekers are not detected in the google search engine. Surely you will lose a little effort because you do not as expected.

Another case if your blog has a considerable number of followers, then of course the blog will never empty of visitors. Many assumptions are circulating that are not indexed or loss of the original post there is a good blog that long or that are new is because getting sanction from google like, Google Sandbox, Google Dancing, Google Banned and others whose type and character variety. I do not want to explain one by one of several sanctions, but at least I'll share a bit of experience in order to lighten the load of your mind.

So that we can do something positive course first we have to think positively, especially when some posts are no longer indexed or not occupy its original position on the search engine, we do not know what Google plans then my advice is to always think positive to google . Following some positive reasons why posts disappear from SE:

# Maintenance, repair and operations
A series of maintenance repair and operation, it is very possible for google rank 1 world. Therefore it is possible among comrades also shift the search engine page rankings because it is caused by the activity.

# Reformation Position
Shifting the position of the search engines index it is possible happen in order to maximize service to the public google, so google does not want the users will only find information from the same source at the time of the search.

# Division of Traffic
The reason it is ideal if the loader is connected with the news, such as websites, blogs and so on. For this reason google gives an opportunity to all new website and blog to grow so much in the spur contains news, google consequently more attractive to its users.

# Warning from Google
Various ways can be done to maximize your visitors find your site / blog, using the techniques of SEO, but some of them there is a misuse or excessive use google eventually give way in the form of a reprimand with no terindeksnya longer post them.

# Duplicate Content
How many sites in the world is certainly difficult to calculate, since so many of the opportunities have the same information must also exist. But the similarity of information and content by chance must be very much different from the same content because of deliberate or the result of copy and paste, google really do not want things like this.

Broadly speaking, people do not know the calculation algorithms implemented by Google in displaying websites on its search engine, but using the formula of cause and effect we can analyze in trying to solve a little secret. Therefore there is no perfect solution to get out of sanctions google than positive. I hope to inspire and motivate you.

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