Tips for Visitors Loving Your Blog

5 Tips For Visitors Love With Your Blog, one of the many visitors to your blog is to provide comfort to visitors to your blog. With the convenience of meaning, visitors will like your blog.

If more and more people who like your blog, of course, visitors to your blog more and more, and have regular visitors. Then how to make users happy with your blog?, Do not worry I have a few tips for your blog favored by visitors.

And here are 5 tips to make users happy with your blog.

1. The quality of your blog article.
Visitors would prefer if they could find what they are looking for, of course, if you make a post title, eg: Tips on Maintaining Healthy Body, then you have to do is write the content of the post to be really concerned with the title of the post. And trying to figure out what your visitors want. And writing must be neat. And of course, do not copy without acknowledgment of the source of origin.

2. Display your blog.
In terms of appearance can certainly affect visitors to the blog, you know how Web sites like,,, and others can get a lot of visitors in addition to good quality articles, and always Update, they make their websites look as attractive as possible, and so tasteful seen by visitors.

The things you should not do in the design of your blog template:

  • Do a lot of animated images.
  • Do not like to put large images or unclear.
  • Do not place advertising disembarang place.
  • Not a lot features cylinder, if one is okay.
  • Do not install the background with a picture of chaos, not clear, ugly.
  • Do not put links in any temapat on your blog.

And it's a little uncomfortable for visitors to your blog, try to learn from websites or blogs that look good in view.

3. Visitor Comments.
If a visitor should you as admin commented, reply comments, then visitors will be very happy and the like with your blog.

4. Loading The Quick.
If your blog is loading super slow, visitors will be lazy and do not like the blog, but if you fast, visitors will be otherwise. Ropes pretty obey rule number two in designing templates.

5. Never Too Many Ads.
Indeed, advertising is important to make a living at blogging, but if too much paired ads will make visitors think you hate and you do not pay attention to visitors, tips for pairing advertising is good and right.

  • In Sidebar 1 or 2.
  • In the Header 1 near the title of the blog.
  • At the bottom of the post.
  • Or example, see the websites of other notable how well they place ads.

And it's a few tips that can be delivered to you hopefully you can design, build quality articles for your blog comfort

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