Quick Tips For Your Blog Famous

Bloggers - Want to have a blog of his many visitors, one way to make your blog a lot of visitors including his famous blog you have, either in the search engines, or the people. And I would love disni Tips and secrets so fast your blog famous

Here are tips you should try:

1. Blogwalking
My first time blogging, I am confused how to blog to his visitor, I finally found a way of conducting activities dijejaring Social Blogwalking, especially Facebook, here is a group that provides a place to communicate with other Bloggers, and there you can promote your Blog by way of "Follow-Followan Yu hile I Follow back" nah that's one way. This method is very appropriate for beginners.
Please visit the Group Blogwalking on Facebook http://www.facebook.com/groups/kbw20/
Diligent Blogwalking.

2. Update Hottest Post
It means if there is news disebuah Earthquake, cepet-cepet you update about the news, then visitors will be interested in reading it to promote the articles that you have created earlier in Group Blogwalking.

3. Follower Banyakin your blog.
If your Blog Followers Follower or a lot then automatically new article you create will appear in the dashboard page Follow your blog, and if his articles menraik it will add to your blog visitors.

4. Submit Articles Blog.
For those of you who did not perform his article posted on the main Google do not worry, there are several websites that provide such services Submit Post Lintas.me the most popular, or Infogue.com here you have to register first and then you can send the article, which allows her article appears at page The main Google.

5. Link exchange
For link exchange term companions may be familiar, disni you will exchange links with other people, which you have to keep that wanted to have a link exchange, and are invited to have to put up your link, of course it will increase your blog kepopularan. And remember bertukarlink with his many blog visitors.

And that's a few tips so that your blog is famous fast.

Posted by Rian Priyadi On September 08, 2012 1 Comments
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Rabu, 28 November 2012 10.50.00 WIB

nice post gan :D

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