Newbie Blogger Mistakes

This error I've ever experienced in the middle of a Beginner Blogger. This makes me just does not have some positive things for my blog. From this template use and how I campaign. it turned out after I had been looking more info turns out this is precisely what I did have a negative impact on the health of my blog even though I never get homework too, but it did not last long kaena my homework was not moved at all until today. I therefore underline mistakes that I made when still a novice blogger, namely:

1. Too often change template

Actually not what we too often also possible to change the template, we can get more satisfaction to the beauty of our own blog but all that was there was a limit. So if you have listed your blog on search engines then try as much as possible not to make edits and reimbursement template for later in the blog search engine indexing experience kesuliatan.

2. Starting without thinking Themes

Themes are very important in a blog. Themes of identity serves as a blog posting on the topic later on whether this or that topic. Without theme ibaratkan just a random event. So before you start a blog, we have to think about the theme in advance what we were able to make our blog post later that a blog has a purpose.

3. Too much Postings in the near future

Usually when I became obsessed with my novice blogger to post the blog as much as possible in a day it turned out to be obstacles to the health of my blog because it was making it difficult indexing the article. As far as I observed itukurang article indexing over 3 days once google boots creeping my blog. So my logic for what the post too much in the near future anyway google boot not drop by my blog as often as possible.

4. Plagiarism

Now is also the one time I was a newbie at that time because I was too ambitious to be a reliable blogger my many acts of plagiarism anonymous sources even without the editing and clearly violate the blog and of course I'm afraid to go into the prison google .. You announcing Plagiarism? Otherwise it is an act of plagiarism menggadakan someone else's work without mentioning the identity of the owner of the work.

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