Hacked Siri, Siri on iPhone 3GS Present

Once again breaking new facts emerged statement Apple said that Siri personal assistant feature can only run on the iPhone 4S with A5 chip. No half-hearted, after some time ago in IDGEEKS.Net also mengkabarkan that Siri Hack and successful run on the iPhone 4S, this time a developer was also able to install Siri on iPhone 3GS.

Paul Grant and Steve Troughton-Smith is a developer who is behind the two hacked siri on iPhone 3GS and the Video which shows that Siri was successfully installed and run well on the iPhone 3GS uploaded by Ryan Petrich. In the short video, it seems that they managed to use Siri on the iPhone 3GS to query the information of the contact. Petrich also revealed via Twitter that he also managed to integrate Activator with Siri.

Posted by Rian Priyadi On September 16, 2012 1 Comments
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