Development of a Computer Virus

In the beginning .. virus created in conjunction with the creation of a computer. Precisely in 1949, the creator of the Electronic Discrete Variable Automatic Computer (EDVAC) which is also one of the creators of computer, John Von Newman presented a paper on the discovery. The paper titled "Theory and Organization of Complicated Automata", the paper contains a theory of "self-altering automata" which is the result of research mathematicians. In this paper discussed the possibility of the program can be spread by itself.

    Furthermore, the development of a computer virus made in 1960 at AT & T Bell Laboratory, one of the biggest labs in the world that has produced a lot of things like C + + and so on.
    In this laboratory researchers made a game with a program based on the findings jhon newman. At the break, the researchers made the game (games) with a program that is able to reproduce itself, destroying opponents and the program is able to repair itself automatically.
    War game called Core War program. The winner of this game on hold by the owner of a program that has the most in the remaining time. This game ended up being a favorite game in each - each lab to fill the rest of the researchers
    But the longer the program that created the more dangerous. Finally realizing the danger posed program, especially if the program is to leak out the lab, each finished the game, the program is always removed and destroyed.
It also conducted surveillance and security to more rigorous Core War game is.
    In the 1970s, a program that claimed to help smooth working xerox introduced by the company. The structure resembles a virus program. But the fact it is used to maximize the time the two processes can execute simultaneously.
    New in 1980, the program succeeded in spreading the war out of the laboratory and into the open in the public. Started by exposure of a researcher and assistant professor at the University of Cincinati ohio, fred cohen. He demonstrated his invention a program, a program that is able to spread rapidly into the computer automatically. Due to the nature and distribution that resembles a virus, the program finally Fred Cohen called it a virus.
    While in Indonesia alone, many computer user ever digemparkan the first virus outbreaks. Virus named viral © Brain, or better known as viral Pakistan. It shattering occurred in 1988 in Indonesia.

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