Apple Overcome Trojan Attack

CALIFORNIA - Apple are developing a tool to detect and remove the Trojan that has infected more than half a million Mac computers. Trojan is an infection that can expose a computer and controlled by a hacker.

This is the first statement Appla against Trojan attacks. In a message posted on the pages in support of its website, Apple says it has fix a security hole for systems running OS X v10.7 and Mac OS X v10.6.

In addition, Apple says it is working with ISPs to shut down the host server network created by the creator of the malware code called Flashback.

Meanwhile, Dave Marcus of MacAfee Labs told AFP, all things learned yag evil people to carry out attacks in the PC world, has now started to move into the world of Mac.

"Mac said for a long time, the device is not susceptible to malware PC, but the truth is it vulnerable to malware Mac," Marcus said, as quoted by the BBC.

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