The buffer can comment BackLink and SEO

Many ways we are to raise our rank among many, many commented that we obtain from the owner BackLink our blog comment, it BackLink Do you know what?
Backlink is a link that leads to-BLOG ours contained in the blog where our place to comment, so by commenting the way

indirectly, we have provided a link back to the BLOG of our own, well this is an advantage that we get in addition to increasing the number of visitors we will also be able to raise our RANK. For what? After a few hours after we comment on the GOOGLE will Meng-index your comment on their blog, as long as the comments that you are not a SPAM Give him, if detected as SPAM will not be indexed by google and therefore if the comment should not comment because of SPAM can hurt us, "uh-cape was cape' 'koment but ga' get BackLink". Surely you will be disappointed.

So we should give each other because of what's comments .. loss if you do not give comments to other bloggers (we'll get BackLink and raise our page on google so included in the SEO "Search Engine Optimization") and can increase the number of GOOGLE ADSENSE we also know.

Posted by Rian Priyadi On Agustus 02, 2012 0 Comments
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