Speeding Buffer Video on the Internet

It navigates the virtual world requires access speed internet, as well as in playing videos from youtube or other streaming as MIVO.TV Legal TV to play videos from the core need speed internet access.

As it is now it is a lot of media in the form of internet access like telkom flexi modem, tlekomsel flash, modem 3, or smartfren. Varying the speed of each media access above but can say smartfren superior to the other.

Well, here ane would love some tips for ente all modems that users have trouble playing videos from the internet like youtube, or tv streaming (mivo.tv). Only with notepad ente could hack of video buffer in your browser. So the buffer speed automatic lighter.

Here are the steps:

Laptop or PC connected to the Internet, are in turn then from the start - run, type system.ini

type in the code as in the view below

Next, enter the following code:

page buffer = 1000000Tbps
load = 1000000Tbps
download = 1000000Tbps
save = 1000000Tbps
back = 1000000Tbps
search = 1000000Tbps
sound = 1000000Tbps
webcam = 1000000Tbps
voice = 1000000Tbps
faxmodemfast = 1000000Tbps
update = 1000000Tbps

see the display as shown below:
Now the last step is save the code already in the earlier type with the same file name system.ini

Jump ente RESTART laptop or PC, enjoy the video buffer from the internet and see the change of pace buffer.

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