ORA Quick for HIV test at home

The focus of the medical world against the HIV virus provide significant development. One recent development is the news that has been in approvenya an HIV test kits called ORA Quick to do at home. This tool will be the first HIV test equipment which is approved for OTC market Over The Counter alias alias-counter in drug stores shop.
Ora Quick reaction can detect our antibody against HIV-1 and HIV-2 by wiping the inside of the gums in the mouth of the tools we use. And the results can be known with less than 20 minutes. With these tools are expected to sell for those who are afraid to test their HIV status, can do so at home in peace without pressure and with the support of the people they need. Thus they can immediately seek media assistance which they need without delay.
But keep in mind the FDA itself says the accuracy of the tool is only 92%. So if there is a need to question the findings, please contact the medical side to perform further tests.
The tool itself will be available in October 2012 in drug stores in America. I usually like it when it's available, we are just waiting in Indonesia for drug stores are available in our stores as well.

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