How toRegister PAYPAL

PayPal is one of the internet using online payment tool most used in the world and the safest for sending and receiving money. Internet users can buy goods on ebay, software licenses, membership sites, business affairs, send money to other PayPal users, and many other functions easily and automatically (automatic because usually without human intervention in the process of order).

How to register

1.visit website

2.Click reading SignUp Now! to register

3.Next, country no choice, because you are in Indonesia choose Indonesia. Then select the type of account you want, for new applicants in Indonesia are advised to choose a personal account first, and then you can upgrade to Premiere or Business type easily and free. After that press Continue

4. Next , input your information such as Name, Address, Phone, Email (Make sure the Name, Address, Phone that you entered for registration with your credit card data)

• Input your email will be your username to login Paypal or transact using Paypal then
• Examples of writing the correct phone number: 0312345678 or 031-2345678
Examples of writing correct Mobile phone number: 08123456789

• Fill your password with a combination of letters and numbers so that your passwords more secure, at least 8 characters

• In the Password Recovery select and fill 2 questions and answers personally to get your password back if one day you forget the password

• On the User Agreement and Privacy Policy tick Yes, and typing in the security code yellow in the fields without spaces.

5. next instructed to enter your credit card number that will be used to enter and receive funds from your Paypal account, If you click the Add Card.

If you do not have a credit card or do not want to enter your credit card data now click Cancel, you can enter your credit card data on the My Account page

6.You will receive an email confirmation that you have signed up to get a Paypal account, open the email from Paypal and click the confirmation link contained therein to confirm that you are the owner of this email

7.and  that you are instructed to enter your password and click Submit, and then click Continue again, after that you will go to the My Account page

8.If this the first time you log in to the My Account page there will be readings Expanded option (choice), read carefully the instructions, you are instructed to press the Get Number to be Verified Paypal member (Truth your address already in check by Paypal)

Option 1: To register a Paypal Verified member now press the Get Number to get the 4-digit security code from Paypal, which will be mailed monthly statement into your next credit card, your credit card will be charged $ 1.95 USD for this purpose. The purpose of sending Paypal security code is to ensure that the address you provide is correct (not a fictional address) If you have a 4 digit security code from your credit card monthly statement, login to your Paypal account, then click the My Account section Activate Account - Complete Expanded Use Enrollment after you enter a 4 digit security code your paypal account will be Verified members and will add $ 1.95 USD into your PayPal account automatically as a Verified member, so calculated for free. After you click the Get Number you will be taken to the My Account page ....

Option 2: If you do not want to be a Verified member now miss the Expanded Version, click the Activate Account Time on My Account after login to sign up for Verified member to limit your funds are not limited to, after you pass the Expanded Version you will be taken to My Account page ....

Done, congratulations you have a Paypal account!
You can already use your Paypal account now. You can use paypal to get a dollar from the internet for free now.

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