Google Will Law Website / Blog With SEO excessive

Google Will Law Website / Blog With SEO overkill. Having previously implemented google google panda (panda algorithm), and penalize sites that put too many ads in the header, now the giant search engines will change their algorithms which can be bad or good for the webmasters.

Matt Cutts, the head of head of search spam google insists on the south by shoutwest event (SXSW) that will update google search algorithm that will clear the site using SEO excessive.

According to him, the aim is to include a competition or balance (give justice) only between sites that provide quality content to the site which is only concerned with SEO alone without considering the content of his website.
Here is a statement from Google about the planned changes to its search algorithm:
We (google) usually do not announce the change, but a few months rearward something we're doing and expect release in a few months or a few weeks kedepan.Kami would equalize competition. For those who do not menggukan words that do not fit (keyword stuffing), excessive or too much optimization SEO - the party that has the content and the site bermutu.Kami try to make GoogleBot be smarter, make better relevance, and we are also looking for those who abuse it like too much to write 'keyword' in the yard, or put a link link too much. Our team has some 'experts' who are working on it.
This news will certainly be a warning to us bloggers that put quality content in the blog, and be careful for the webmasters who use blackhat SEO techniques because it will make your web / blog dropped from Google SERP. Hopefully this article Google Will Law Website / Blog With SEO excess can be useful for you.

Posted by Rian Priyadi On Agustus 31, 2012 2 Comments
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