Benefits Of Walking for Health

Civilize ourselves must walk begins with the willingness and sincere with yourself, because the walk was a lot of benefits that we get. If viewed with increasingly advanced transportation diversity could actually lead to the habit of walking into decline. Since from home to work, time to walk just a few moments, out of the garage door immediately to the next sitting dikendaraan, up to down in front of the office workplace and kendaraanpun existing park.

But such "normally" only for certain people, namely people who are extra busy (left early to go home tonight) so time to relax with family and walking for health is very limited. Conversely, many people who really appreciate the meaning of life and health, so that it can manage your time well to be able to relax with family and taking the time to walk in order to maintain health in the midst of the bustle that exists.

Basically walking is an activity that is very often done, and for this to be sure you move your legs to walk. Of walking but there is only limited to certain the room, for example at home and at work. According to information found walking has many proven benefits that can overcome some health problems such as losing weight, respiratory problems, heart healthy, and so forth.

From the search results DigitalBaca find some information relating to the benefits of walking, at which a routine with a relaxing foot travel distance of approximately two to 3 KM per day was able to overcome various diseases, and diabwah summarizes some of the benefits that can be taken if we walking routine:
A. Avoid Type 2 Diabetes
Walking can lower blood pressure, strengthen the cardiovascular system, and improve the management of type 2 diabetes mellitus. By walking routine was able to reduce diabetes by 58%. Diabetes prevention program shows, walking for 150menit perminggunya will reduce the 7% weight loss or about 7kg.
2. Strengthen the Heart in Men and Women
In one study, the mortality rate in men who have retired and walk less than 1 mile per day showed twice as much when compared to those with a distance of 2 miles per day. Study for women who performed on 72 488 women showed, by walking for three hours perminggunya will reduce the risk of heart attack or other heart diseases.
3, Lower Cholesterol Levels
Where possible walk turned out routines to lower levels of LDL cholesterol (low-density lipoprotein) or commonly known as bad cholesterol. In contrast with regular walking activities can increase the production of HDL cholesterol (high density lipoprotein).
4, Good for the Brain
Why is that because the study of the foot was found, women who walked one and a half hours per week had a work function of the organ heads are better than those who just walked forty (40) minutes perminggunya.
5, Good for Bones
Of research carried out showed that postmenopausal women who do the routine and runs about one mile per day had better bone density than those with minimal walking. In addition to the walk was very effective to reduce bone loss in the legs.
6, Reduce Symptoms of Depression and Improve Fitness
Walking distance of thirty minutes, for three to five times perminggunya and conducted over 12 weeks was found to reduce symptoms of depression and also can improve fitness and respiratory system significantly. In addition for those who are dieting or trying to maintain your weight, walking is very helpful to get the expected body weight.
7, Can Reduce Risk of Breast Cancer and Colon
Women who regularly walk 65 minutes hinga 135 minutes per week can reduce your risk of breast and colon cancer by 18 percent compared to women who are not active. The study showed, exercise can prevent colon cancer. For people who have been exposed to second cancer, exercise can improve quality of life and reduce mortality.
8, a short walk even improve your fitness.
Studies conducted on female pedestrians show, a short walk about 10 minutes per day appeared to have effects on health. The result will be seen in the increase in fitness and body fat reduction, if carried out up to 30 minutes per day. Other research shows, walking can also improve your fitness and work function of the body and protects the body from degenerative disease in the elderly.

So from now it's time we take the time to get used to walking, because the benefits are many for ourselves and for those who are busy following tips you can do:
A. The streets in the morning which of course can be done as long as you can get up early
2. If your workplace allows to reach by foot, then this is the best alternative is to leave early for work.
3. If using a vehicle, then look for a parking lot some distance away, thus giving the opportunity to walk away ... hehehe
4. If your workplace is on the rise building, occasionally try to climb the fire escape as an alternative.
5. While it used to, if you want to add please write in the comment box is already available. Just sharing my friend ...

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