Amazon Hacker Finally Arrested

A hacker from Russian was taken into custody last week in Cyprus for two cyber attacks he is alleged to have performed against Internet giant Dmitry Olegovich Zubakha was taken into custody by local and international law enforcement officials under a worldwide warrant. He was indicted back in May 2011 for attacking the Internet sites. On Saturday, the indictment was unsealed following the arrest of the Russian computer whiz. The indictment details the hacker attacks, which were denial of service attacks that were against Ebay and Priceline. Both attacks that are detailed in the indictment were alleged to have taken place back in June of 2008. The Russian hacker is being charged with intentional intent to cause damage to a computer system without prior authorization. He also faces another two charges on intentionally doing damage to a computer resulting in damages of over $5,000.
When taken into custody by authorities, Zubakha was also charged with possessing over 15 access devices that had not been authorized in addition to a separate incident over stolen credit card personal information that took place during October 2009. On Monday, the U.S. will start an extradition process to bring Zubakha to the U.S. to be tried. While that process is taking place, the accused will have to remain in custody.
The indictment says that Zubakha placed the denial of service attacks on June 6 and June 9 of 2008. Both of the alleged attacks interrupted service on the sites for a number of hours, making it next to impossible for users to long on.

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